Account table

Table Name: Account
Supports: SELECT
Permissions: Zenith/Trading\

Provides access to the Trading Accounts for a user.


Allows viewing the Trading Accounts available to the user.


Name Type Allows Description
Account String IS, IN The unique identifier of the Trading Account.
Name String The friendly name of the Trading Account.
Source String The name of the data feed the Trading Account comes from.
Currency String The default currency for the Trading Account.
FeedStatus String Overall status of the data feed for this Account. One of:
Initialising: Feed is establishing, and will be online shortly.
Active: Feed is active and online.
Closed: Feed is active, but outside hours.
Inactive: Feed is offline, and outside hours. Data may be unavailable.
Impaired: Feed is unexpectedly offline, and data may be stale or unavailable.
Expired: Feed is temporarily unavailable while a new state is prepared.
CategoryCodes String[] IN Any categories that apply to this Trading Account.
Attributes String/String Specialised attributes that apply to this Trading Account.


Select all Trading Accounts for the user:


Select the details of a specific Trading Account:

SELECT * FROM Account WHERE Account = '123ABC'

Select the details of a set of Trading Accounts:

SELECT Account,Name FROM Account WHERE Account IN ['1001[Demo]', '1002[Demo]']

Select all Trading Accounts within the Sharia category

SELECT Account,Name FROM Account WHERE CategoryCodes IN ["Sharia"]