Available selection fields

The best method of obtaining the list of available fields is to issue the meta command


This command will interogate the IQ system and return the list of fields. It should look something like the following table

TableName Name Type
Account Account String
Account Name String
Account Provider String
Account Currency String
Account ClientStatus InstanceStatus
Balance Account String
Balance Currency String
Balance Type String
Balance Amount Decimal
Holding Account String
Holding Exchange String
Holding Code String
Holding Currency String
Holding Class SymbolClass
Holding TotalCost Decimal
Holding AveragePrice Decimal
Holding TotalAvailable Int64
Holding TotalQuantity Int64
Order Account String
Order OrderID String
Order DepthOrderID OrderKey
Order ExternalID String
Order Symbol String
Order Exchange String
Order Side OrderSide
Order Currency String
Order OnExchange String
Order TradingMarket String
Order Status String
Order Class SymbolClass
Order CreatedDate DateTimeOffset
Order UpdatedDate DateTimeOffset
Order Type OrderType
Order LimitPrice Decimal
Order VisibleQuantity Int64
Order HiddenQuantity Int64
Order MinimumQuantity Int64
Order Validity OrderValidity
Order ExpireDate DateTimeOffset
Order ExecutedQuantity Int64
Order AveragePrice Decimal
Order CumBrokerage Decimal
Order EstimatedBrokerage Decimal
Order Tax Decimal
Order EstimatedTax Decimal
Order CurrentValue Decimal
Order EstimatedValue Decimal
Order BrokerageSchedule String
Order Route String
OrderStatus Provider String
OrderStatus Code String
OrderStatus Allows OrderActionType
OrderStatus Reason OrderReasonType
Transaction ID String
Transaction Account String
Transaction Exchange String
Transaction TradingMarket String
Transaction Symbol String
Transaction TradeDate DateTimeOffset
Transaction Side String
Transaction SettlementDate DateTimeOffset
Transaction GrossAmount Decimal
Transaction NetAmount Decimal
Transaction SettlementAmount Decimal
Transaction Currency String
Transaction OrderID String
Transaction SymbolClass SymbolClass
Transaction TotalQuantity Int64
Transaction AveragePrice Int64
Transaction TotalUnits Decimal
Transaction UnitValue Decimal
News ID String
News Source String
News Date DateTimeOffset
News SymbolCodes String[]
News Headline String
News Type String
News Sensitivity NewsPriority
News URI Uri
News Origin String
NewsSources Source String
NewsSources Feed InstanceStatus
ChartHistory DateTime DateTimeOffset
ChartHistory Open Decimal
ChartHistory High Decimal
ChartHistory Low Decimal
ChartHistory Close Decimal
ChartHistory NumberOfTrades Int32
Depth SymbolCode String
Depth Code String
Depth Market String
Depth ID OrderKey
Depth Position Int32
Depth BrokerCode String
Depth Quantity Int64
Depth Price Decimal
Depth CrossRef String
Depth Side OrderSide
Depth HasUndisclosed Boolean
Depth Attributes String
DepthLevel SymbolCode String
DepthLevel Code String
DepthLevel Market String
DepthLevel ID OrderKey
DepthLevel Price Decimal
DepthLevel Side OrderSide
DepthLevel HasUndisclosed Boolean
DepthLevel Volume Int64
DepthLevel Count Int32
Market Market String
Market Feed InstanceStatus
Market TradingDate DateTimeOffset
Market MarketTime DateTimeOffset
Market DefaultTradingMarket String
Market TradingMarketStatuses Dictionary
Security SymbolCode String
Security Code String
Security Market String
Security Exchange String
Security Name String
Security Status String
Security QuotationBasis String
Security StatusNote String
Security Open Decimal
Security High Decimal
Security Low Decimal
Security Close Decimal
Security PreviousClose Decimal
Security Last Decimal
Security Trend TrendType
Security Volume Int64
Security NumberOfTrades Int32
Security VWAP Decimal
Security ValueTraded Decimal
Security LastTradedTime DateTimeOffset
Security OpenInterest Int64
Security TotalClassIssue Int64
Security IndicativePrice Decimal
Security SurplusVolume Int64
Security EquilibriumVolume Int64
Security BestBuyPrice Decimal
Security BestSellPrice Decimal
Security BestBidHasUndisclosed Boolean
Security BestAskHasUndisclosed Boolean
Security BestBidCount Int32
Security BestAskCount Int32
Security BuyQuantity Int64
Security SellQuantity Int64
Security ExpiryDate DateTime
Security StrikePrice Decimal
Security CallOrPut DerivativeSide
Security ExerciseType ExerciseType
Security ContractSize Decimal
Security IsIndex Boolean
Security IsCombination Boolean
Security Underlying String
Security TradingMarkets String[]
Security StartDate DateTime
Security Class SymbolClass
Security CFI String
Security CategoryCodes String[]
Security Attributes Object
Security ExtendedPrices Object
Security DepthDirection DepthDirection
Security SubscriptionData AssetDataType
Symbol SymbolCode String
Symbol Code String
Symbol Name String
Symbol Market String
Symbol Exchange String
Symbol ExpiryDate DateTime
Symbol StrikePrice Decimal
Symbol CallOrPut DerivativeSide
Symbol ExerciseType ExerciseType
Symbol ContractSize Decimal
Symbol IsIndex Boolean
Symbol IsCombination Boolean
Symbol Underlying String
Symbol TradingMarkets String[]
Symbol Class SymbolClass
Symbol CFI String
Security CategoryCodes String[]
Security Attributes Object
Symbol DepthDirection DepthDirection
Symbol SubscriptionData AssetDataType
Trade SymbolCode String
Trade Code String
Trade Market String
Trade ID Int64
Trade Quantity Int64
Trade Price Decimal
Trade TradedAt DateTimeOffset
Trade Flags TradeFlags
Trade ConditionCodes String
Trade Aggressor OrderSide
Trade Affects TradeStatistic
Trade Trend TrendType
Trade Attributes String
Trade RelatedID Int64
Trade BuyBroker String
Trade BuyCrossRef String
Trade BuyOrderID OrderKey
Trade SellBroker String
Trade SellCrossRef String
Trade SellOrderID OrderKey
TradingState Market String
TradingState Name String
TradingState Reason TradingStateReason
TradingState Allows TradingActionType
CatalogueField TableName String
CatalogueField Name String
CatalogueField Type String
CatalogueTable Name String
CatalogueTable IsSystem Boolean